1 Foam Head (found at beauty salon supply stores, approx. $3)
1 Long Black Wig (Wal-Mart, Big Lots, $5)
PVC piping (Hardware stores)
PVC Joints:  4 L shaped, 2 T shaped
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks and/or chalk
White Duct Tape
2 Metal Hangers(or several pipe cleaners)
Grocery bags or aluminum foil
Wire Cutters
1 White, Ivory, or Grey Dress (Easily found at Garage Sales or Thrift Stores, etc;)
Clear Sealant Spray (Wal-Mart, approx. $2)
Push Pins or Tacks
½ cup of Very Strong Coffee, ½ Cup of Very Strong Tea
1 Sponge
2 long rods of metal, plastic or wood (approx. leg length)
Samara from "The Ring"
1. Put the shoulder PVC pipe thru the T shaped joint. Hot glue or chalk around edges of
where joint/pipe meet. (Do the same for each Joint/pipe connection)

2. Attach the middle PVC piece to the bottom of the T, Glue.

3. Put the vertical hip pipe thru the other T, glue.  Attach to middle piece/shoulders, glue.

4. Put L joints on all 4 ends (shoulders, hips) and glue.

5. Make hands/arms by cutting pieces of hanger into 5 long (the length of an arm and
hand) pieces for each arm. Look at your own hand and pull down or pull up pieces
together that will match the pattern of how a hand looks.(ex. thumb is shorter, pinky is
shorter than ring finger/pointer, and middle finger may be a tad longer than ring/pointer).
 Tape your desired length together to secure.  Now wrap either grocery bags or foil
around wire to give some thickness. Then tape around it all. If you wish to make fingers
more pointy, wrap take at more of an angle at ends.

6. Duct tape arms to PVC joints

7. Modify the dress you've found to look similar to the one found at: by hot gluing seams together,
etc; Put on frame.

8.   Adding an Aged Look. To give it a dirty, worn, rotting, look, do the following: Find
some coffee grounds and perk a very, very strong ½ cup of coffee and make a strong
½ cup of tea by making approx. 8 tea bags to a half a cup of water.  Once both have
cooled down, dip a sponge into the tea and wipe down, dress on frame, where you want
the weathered look to be. Let dry. Then repeat with coffee. Keep repeating both until
you find your desired effect. I only needed to wipe my dress down 2-3 times before
getting good results.

9.Duct tape foam head to T and shoulders. DO NOT USE HOT GLUE, IT WILL
MELT THE FOAM!! Take wig and push pins into skull area to keep wig in place.
While holding up most of the front of the hair, spray a thin mist of sealant and then let
the hair fall onto it wet. This will keep a thin layer of hair secure on the front of the face,
while allowing the rest to flow freely.

10. Place the rods into the ground and place Samara's legs on top of those rods. This
will keep her up, no matter how the wind blows.

* Follow with security suggestions; this item will not last in your yard
without them.                                                           
 The Well and Directions